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Have you ever wanted to read the Bible but didn’t know where to start?

The Military Bible Challenge provides you with a starting point to learn about God’s mission here on earth. This plan will challenge you to get spiritually fit in God’s Word.

Discover the life and miracles of Jesus, our Commander.
In the Bible, Jesus Christ is often referred to as Lord. The word “Lord” means boss or Commander. This initial study will help you journey through the life of Jesus, as recorded by those who witnessed it in the four Gospels.
Trace biblical history, leading to the arrival of the Commander.
Read portions of the first five books of the Old Testament which are called the Torah, as well as some of the books that describe the history of Israel. This gives us a clearer picture of our unique place in creation, as well as reminds us of God’s personal care for his people.
Learn about God’s ambassadors and liaisons between nations.
In the Old Testament, some of God’s communicators were prophets who relayed his messages to his people. It also contains poetry or songs, such as the books of Job or Psalms. These books teach us a great deal about the character of God, and how he interacts with his people.
Uncover the founding of the Christian Church and its significance.
The book of Acts, written by Luke, describes the birth and formative years of the Christian Church. The book of Revelation, written by the apostle John, includes a description of the last days of the Church on earth. They each emphasize God’s sovereignty throughout history, and that he has a plan for his people.
Discern the character attributes desired to live honorably.
The New Testament includes 20 letters to encourage the Church. They are personal letters written by apostles to various Christian churches and individuals. Their general intent was to provide guidance for Christian living, to warn the Church about false teachings and to encourage Christians in tough times. The vital guidance given to those churches is timeless, and applies to our lives as well.

Get this: Spending as little as 20 minutes a day in the Bible is proven to dramatically increase the quality of your relationships and the clarity of your mission.

How It Works

Your training consists of 75 Bible passages divided into five challenges (or sections) of 15 days each. That’s 20 minutes a day with God for 75 days to train your spirit as much as you train your body. It’s hard, but not that hard.

Whether this is your first time opening a Bible, or your leather cover is cracked with use, knowing how to productively spend time in God’s word can feel intimidating. In just 20 minutes each day for 15 days, follow these four easy steps to get the most out of your training to complete one challenge. Complete the entire mission in 75 days.

1. Pray

With focus and openness, see what God has for you today.

2. Read

Slowly read each selected section of scripture, noting intriguing words and phrases. Read it again, and write down whatever stands out or comes to mind.

3. Reflect

Think through the questions provided, and ask yourself what the passage teaches you about God and His values, about yourself, and about how God feels toward you.

4. Respond

Speak to God about what’s on your mind and heart. Don’t worry if your words aren’t fully-thought out. Then look for ways throughout the day to live out what you’ve uncovered.

As you complete basic training in the Bible, you’ll gain strength in an advanced understanding of who Jesus is in relationship to the Bible and clarity about how His mission for your life aligns with His Will.

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Don't go it alone.

Need to talk or pray? A chaplain or your local pastor is an excellent ally for navigating military life. Chaplains can also help you connect to the Bible and assist with ordering free scripture resources.

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We're challenging members of the military community to experience the power of God's Word for 75 days. Join the movement now.

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